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Responsible Gaming


Betmul aims to promote a socially enjoyable entertainment activity. However, we recognize that for a small number of people gambling can have negative impacts. Gambling could become an addictive behavior that could cause serious problems for individuals and their families.

Betmul has adopted practices to minimize potential damage to its users that might be negatively affected by gambling, and to provide help and assistance to all users who experience any harmful effects from their use of the site.

Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling may develop suddenly and without notice. Problem Gambling arises when there is a lack of self-control over gambling activities, particularly the time, scope and frequency dedicated to gambling.

While the wide majority of people gamble in appropriate levels to their financial circumstances, there is a number that may have difficulties controlling their wagering activities.

Some of the negative consequences of gambling may include:

  • The user suffering severe financial losses in relation to their financial capabilities.
  • Adverse personal effects on the user and their interaction with family and friends; special attention must be paid to the way gambling could affect your interaction with your nuclear family.
  • Poor job performance.
  • Irritability and violent behavior.

Betmul is committed to maintaining its platform available for adults only.

Questions to think about

If you can answer positively to more than three of the questions listed below, we strongly recommend you seek further advice:

  • Are you gambling beyond your means?
  • Have you ever borrowed money to finance your gambling?
  • After losing did you have a strong desire to make back your losses through further gambling?
  • Have you ever drained your available funds gambling?
  • Do you gamble more than you initially thought you would?
  • Have you ever been unwilling to spend money set aside for gambling on necessary expenditures?
  • Has gambling affected your family relationships, work performance or reputation?
  • Do you ever feel remorse after playing?
  • Has thinking of gambling cause you difficulty sleeping?
  • Have you committed or considered committing an illegal act to gamble?
  • Have you ever considered harming yourself because of your gambling activity?
  • Has gambling ever made you careless about the wellness of those that surround you?
  • Do you feel an urge to gamble when facing stress or difficulties?
  • After winning a bet do you feel a strong urge to keep betting?

What to do if you are experiencing gambling problems

Please contact us as soon as possible. At your request we can temporarily suspend your account.

You may self exclude from Betmul by requesting so on the phone or writing us an email. If contacting us by email, do so from your registered email address. If contacting us by phone, remember to have your security question's answer ready. Always include or mention your username when communicating with us.

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