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USER AGREEMENT: Terms and Conditions


Please read carefully this User Agreement before using our website, www.betmul.net ("the Site" or "website"), either as a visiting or registered user. The terms of this User Agreement apply together with Betmul's Activity Rules, which state the guidelines for the activity permitted within the site. Betmul's Activity Rules are an integral part of this User Agreement and its Terms and Conditions, and are fully understood by the website's user, and accepted by it fully and without exception.


www.betmul.net is a site owned and brand operated by BETMUL S.A., (“Betmul” or "Us". Betmul is a company registered in the Republic of Costa Rica with cédula juridical number 3-101-552338.

Its postal address is: Urb. Montenegro, 75N del Gimnasio del Instituto. Alajuela, Costa Rica.


The Site offers to those who have enough legal capacity a betting service among registered users. Registered users state they are legally able to participate in these kinds of activities according to the laws of their country. Registered and non-registered users state is not illegal for them to access the Site according to the laws of their country.


All of Betmul's registered users must be at least 18 years old. Betmul reserves the right to request proof of age to any user and to suspend the user's account until such requisite is satisfied to the company's exclusive criteria. It is the responsibility of each user to know and understand the laws pertaining online gambling activities and the minimum age to engage in such activities in their state, country or applicable jurisdiction.


It is your responsibility as user of the Site to ensure the access and use of gambling sites in the Internet is legal in your jurisdiction or country, and for citizens of your nationality and/or residence. It is explicitly prohibited for all nationals and/or residents of countries that sanction these types of activities as felonies, infractions, or similar, to use the services and products of the website in a way that contravenes the laws of your applicable jurisdiction.


The access and use of our website is subject to the present terms and conditions, as to the laws and regulations that each user must observe according to their specific case. By accessing, surfing and using the Site, you automatically accept this User Agreement and its Terms and Conditions and agree to perform your activities on the Site following these dispositions strictly, either a visitor or registered user.


By using the Site, you waive the Site, its owner company, and their directors, representatives, managers, advisors, employees and/or any related person, of all responsibility as consequence of your access and use of the Site.


The terms and conditions published in this website use Spanish as their official language. Translations to other languages are made as an additional good-faith service. However, if ambiguities exist between the Spanish version and their translation to another language, the Spanish version will always have priority over any translation.

The information in this website is presented "as is" and betmul.net does not make any representation or assurance, explicit or implicit, regarding the use of the Site as well as the information, content, materials, services or products included therein or referred to and on it.


If any term, partially or totally, is declared invalid, illegal or in-executable by any court of administrative body of the competent jurisdiction, all other terms will be in effect. If any invalid, illegal or in-executable term would be valid, legal and executable if part of it were eliminated or modified, the term will apply with any modification needed to grant effect to the commercial intentions of the parts.


Betmul reserves the right to modify, without previous notice and under its sole discretion, the terms and conditions of this User Agreement. If that were the case, such modifications will be promptly updated through an announcement. Some terms contained herein may be substituted by terms or notifications published in other parts of the Site.


Betmul provides its registered users with a platform to enter betting transactions about content generated by other users ("User Bets"), as well as content generated by Betmul ("Betmul Bets"). We provide users a platform for the creation, participation, resolution and exchange of bets among themselves; explained in further detail in the clause "Use of Service"; as well as the link of registered users through a multilevel referral matrix, explained in further detail in the clause "About the multilevel referral matrix".

"Betmul", its logos, brand and other distinctive symbols are commercial names registered or in registration process. These may not be used in connection to other products or services, in any way that may cause confusion or lose of reputation to Betmul, its representatives, directors, advisors, employees, managers or any other person related to the company.

Betmul charges commissions that are transferred to other registered users, affiliates or stay in Betmul's benefit.


The Site is constantly updated and its content and design may change without previous notice. Betmul reserves the right to suspend some services, access to the site or shut it down indefinitely.


You declare, acknowledge and accept that all information provided by you to Betmul is accurate and complete. Betmul reserves the right to conduct a verification process by any legal mean, including the possibility to request supporting documentation. Users must maintain their registration information updated at all times and any change or mistake must be promptly notified to Betmul.

The registered user has the right to access all the information related to their account and eliminate or emend incorrect information.


Access to the Site for visitors and registered users is temporary. We reserve the right to emend or retire the right to access the Site without previous notice and at any time. We will not be held accountable if by whichever motive or at any time the Site is not available. Betmul reserves the right to limit the access to some parts, sections, of all its Site, to any visitor and/or registered user.


You may use the Site for legal purposes only. It is forbidden, among others, to use the Site in ways that:

  • Breaks any local, state, national or international law or regulation;
  • Is illegal or fraudulent, in fact, omission or intention;
  • Hurts or aims to hurt minors;
  • Transfers to solicits to transfer unsolicited information or unauthorized regarding marketing materials (or spam);
  • Reproduces, duplicates, copies or sells any part of the Site (including but not limited to the personal information of other registered users);
  • Access without authorization, interferes with, or harms:
    • Any part of the Site and its source code;
    • Any equipment or network in which the Site is hosted;
    • Any software or program used to provide the Site's services;
    • Any equipment, network or software owned or used by a third-party;
  • Uses harmfully the Site in any way, including but not limited to hacking activities;
  • Hide or change your terminal's IP address to gain illegitimate access to our Site.

Users generate a secret password to access the functions and pages reserved for registered users. Users must keep their secret password confidential. Any action or content generated from your account will be assumed as yours. In this Agreement, all users understand and explicitly accept that Betmul won't be held liable if a third-party uses the user's account information maliciously, regardless if that third-party has authorization from the user. Moreover, users acknowledge all information generated from the user's account is their sole responsibility. Through this Agreement, you authorize Betmul to assume you are undertaking all actions and using the Site when your login information (username or email, and password) has been correctly provided. Betmul does not take any responsibility for damages and/or losses generated from the incorrect use of your password, and so you explicitly accept from reading this Agreement and later using our Site.

You may change your password any time, if you successfully complete the security protocols for such procedure.

You authorize Betmul to disable your secret password and/or temporarily suspend your account in case there are suspicions of irregular activity or you repeatedly fail in your attempts to enter it.


To participate in Betmul's services and products, a user must provide at least the following information:

  • Distinctive username
  • Secret Password
  • Valid email address

When requesting to open an account, filling the registration form, you declare that:

  • You are at least 18 years old;
  • You are in full capacity and have the legal right and authority to enter and accepting this User Agreement and its Terms and Conditions;
  • You are acting as the account principal and personally, and not in representation of a third-party;
  • It is not illegal to accept this User Agreement and its Terms and Conditions in the jurisdiction where you reside and/or from which you are a national, and you will not use our service in a jurisdiction where it is illegal to do so;
  • You are aware and understand that betting in the Site implies a significant risk and you may incur in large losses by using our service;
  • You agree to take responsibility for any loss that you may incur from using our service, and renounce any type of reclamation, lawsuit, denounce, complain or reimbursement request against Betmul and/or its representatives, directors, advisors, managers, employees and and/or any related person;
  • You understand that two or more users might confabulate against you to cause you illegitimate losses under some types of bets and/or resolution methods, and you accept and understand that you waive Betmul of any liability arising from this motive;
  • You are authorized to make payments as a results of the use of the Site and that every time you act in good faith in relation to those payments and the service in general;
  • The funds deposited into your Betmul account originate totally from legitimate and licit sources;
  • You will use our Site in connection to legitimate betting activities; and;
  • You have totally read, understood and accepted to adhere to the terms of this User Agreement, its Terms and Conditions, and Activity Rules without exception.

After the registration process users will receive an email -when applicable- to active the account. All registered users enter the site with their username or email, and secret password. Betmul reserves the right to request additional information before definitely approving registration. Betmul does not issue a guarantee of registration approval, even if you have correctly filled the registration form. Betmul reserves the right to reject any registration request without further explanation or justification. It is not possible to use and participate in all of the Site's products and services if you are not a registered user. Visiting users will be allowed access to sections authorized for non-registered users.

Betmul holds the right to suspend an account at any time and under its sole discretion. A user may contact Betmul and request the reasons for which their account is suspended.

The account belongs to who opens it. The information relating to the account must match at every time to that person. An account can't be transferred, sold or bought to or by any third party. If such situation is detected, all related accounts will be suspended until the related personal information is confirmed.


If the account is idle for more than 180 days counted from the last login, the account will be considered abandoned. In that case, a $5 fee will be charged to the account the first day of every subsequent month. This charge will recur until the account becomes active again, runs out of balance or is definitely cancelled. If they account remains idle for more than 720 days counted from the last login, Betmul will try to establish contact with the user to notify them of the abandonment and that all remaining funds will transfer to Betmul's favor.

If online gaming and/or betting are prohibited in your jurisdiction, some services of the Site may be disabled for you. It is your exclusive responsibility to fulfill all tributary duties in your jurisdiction in terms of the winnings related to the use of our service, freeing Betmul and the Site of all responsibility in relation to tributary, fiscal, and similar issues.

All balances are shown Bitcoins (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies as properly denoted.

Each user may open and operate just one Betmul account. If Betmul detects that one user's activity is related to more than one account, all related accounts may be suspended until an inspection is run. Betmul reserved the right to close or indefinitely suspend the account of any user. In that case, that user will have a right to withdraw all funds remaining at the time of the suspension or cancellation.


Registered users have the right to cancel their account at any time. To do so, you must contact Betmul and request an account's cancellation. The user may dispose of the available funds in their account. Prospective funds generated from created bets and participation in bets will remain in the Site's favor. Any commission from the account's cancellation will be covered by the user, all of which the user explicitly accepts.

By cancelling the account the user loses its position in the referral multilevel matrix. Their position in the matrix is eliminated and an automatic link is made between all registered users referred by the exiting user to the user located immediately above the exiting user (or the Site, if applicable). This may cause the commissions of one or more users to transfer in favor of the Site when before they transferred to another registered user.

If a user who cancelled their account wants to register again, they will have to do so as if they were a new user. Every user can have one account only.

Betmul reserves the right to cancel account of users whose identities have not been confirmed. Furthermore, Betmul may cancel an account at any time without previous notice or justification under its exclusive discretion.


It is the user's responsibility to understand the terms under which the payments and deductions are processed. It is your responsibility to understand each payment method's specific conditions.

Betmul offers various methods to place and withdraw funds from your account. Betmul does not take cash and other funds that are not denominated in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

All funds and withdrawals are processed Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Conversions to another currencies may be shown for illustrative purposes only. If funds are incorrectly validated in your account, it is your responsibility to promptly inform us of any mistake. Betmul reserves the right to recover funds and coins incorrectly credited to your account or which may have been credited and then subject to double-spend, even if they were withdrew or lost in gaming activities, which the user understands and explicitly accepts.


To verify the identity of user and the legality of deposited funds, Betmul may request supporting documentation to its users. Some of these documents may be, but are not limited to:

  • Copies of the user's personal identification document (passport, residence ID, driver's license, national ID) sent by post mail or email.
  • Proof of residence (with a utility bill, for instance).

If anomalies or incoherent information is detected, these will be reported to the respective authorities. The purpose of this identity verification is to prevent the use of ill-gotten funds and confirm the identity of the user who's conducting transactions and using the Site, which will always relate to a licit origin and end.


Any withdrawal from Betmul's account may be subject to a commission, which will be informed to the user prior to executing the order. . It is the user´s responsibility to correctly type the wallet address to which they wish to have the funds sent. We do not take any responsibility for delays derived from human or technological failures, our own or from third-parties, due to catastrophic or unforeseen events which may complicate, delay or unable payment processing.

The deposits and withdrawals executed through the use of virtual wallets are subject to their own Terms and Conditions, in addition to those set forth in this User Agreement.


The money available on your account is clearly identified in the user interface, usually under the name "Available Funds", "Balance", or any of its synonyms. You agree to notify us if there are mistakes in your account's funds.

Once a bet has been resolved, suspended or closed, the winnings or total bets which correspond to your participation will be credited to your account, minus applicable commissions which will be clearly shown in a site's section.

If you have insufficient funds to comply partially or totally with the obligations contracted with the Site and/or other registered users as a result of the use of the service, then we may request you to deposit additional funds prior to allowing further use of the Site.


All content and materials of this website ("The Materials" and/or "Content"), including all bets' texts and conditions, are Betmul's exclusive property. By using the Site, you grant free-license to Betmul, affiliates and registered users to use the content generated by you. With the exception of personal information, covered by our privacy policy, all contents generated, transmitted, accessed or posted by you will be considered non-confidential. Furthermore, Betmul reserves the right to exploit commercially and non-commercially all content generated by you in this Site. Some materials may be outdated or erroneous, and we have no obligation to update or emend them.

You may not reproduce, distribute or show the Materials without Betmul's written consent, with the exceptions where the interface so permits it. Materials may not be used in un-authorized ways.


Betmul is not responsible for harm, or neither direct nor indirect damage caused to third-parties as a consequence of your content generation. As registered user or visitor you are entirely responsible for the texts and images you generate on this Site. You authorize Betmul to deliver information about your account, withstanding a judicial order, in cases related to potential break of third-party rights caused by user-generated content and the use of the Site.


It is strictly forbidden to all registered users, non-registered users, and visitors, to post or transmit from or to our website any material that may be considered:

  • - Threatening, discriminatory, derogatory, defamatory, blasphemous, indecent, obscene, seditious, offensive, abusive, pornographic, inciting to racism, social commotion or religious, gender, age, sexual orientation intolerance, or any other of harmful and malicious nature; or
  • - That breaks the trust, confidentiality or privacy of a third-party, or which may cause moral or psychological damage; or,
  • - Material for which you haven't obtained all respective permits and licenses; or,
  • - Inciting to a criminal act; or,
  • - Contrary to the laws of any country, if applicable, or hurts the rights of a third-party; or,
  • - As attempting to pretend that it was originated by Betmul, associates and its personnel; or,
  • - Which relates or links individuals with gambling problems, mentally-ill or younger than the age requisite (18 years old); or,
  • - Which relates or links individuals with gambling problems, mentally-ill or younger than the age requisite (18 years old); or,
  • - Which relates or links to another person's email address or information; or,
  • - Which refers or links to users whose accounts have been suspended or cancelled, or those who are under investigation for potential breach of this User Agreement, Betmul's policies or applicable law; or,
  • - Which any way breaches this User Agreement, Betmul's policies and instructions, or encourages others to do so; or,
  • - Which promotes any other betting service other than those provided by Betmul and related companies; or,
  • - Which is technically nocive, including but not limited to viruses, trojans, worms, component, corrupted data or any other malicious or damaging program or file, including any other manipulation geared towards damaging Betmul's interests, its users or obtain an illegitimate advantage in the use of the services.

Betmul will cooperate with any authority and will execute all judicial orders which solicit or oblige us to deliver information related to the identity or location of anyone who accesses and uses the Site, or about any other person that posts materials that breach this User Agreement.


All communications, including emails, chats and phone calls between our Customer Service Department and the Site's users will be recorded for security and training purposes.

All activity generated in the Site is recorded and kept in Betmul's servers. Betmul will keep a transactional record of each user, for example the debits and credits as a result of their activity and the deposits or withdrawals from/to their account. Users are encouraged to keep their own records for verification and cross-check processes.

The information provided by our clients is treated under a principle of total confidentiality, except in the cases where we are ordered by a judicial or administrative body of the competent jurisdictions to deliver information on specific users, clients or visitors. These details will be kept safely. The general information related to the betting activity of our clients and registered users resulting from their use of the site may be used by Betmul or its affiliates for marketing, advertising and customer services purposes. The general information may be used by Betmul for commercial purposes. However, Betmul won't sell, lease, transfer, share or un any way deliver specific user or account information to third-parties.

You authorize that your name, username and the commissions your betting activity generate to linked registered users will be published to those linked registered users for recognition, identification and transactional booking purposes.

You understand and accept that some information about your activity in the Site may be published on social network of which you are a member.

The user authorizes Betmul to deliver any information, including that protected by this privacy policy, solely under the written petition of a judicial or administrative body of any country or to fulfill a legal disposition. Furthermore, Betmul reserves the right to deliver personal information to third-parties when conducting an investigation for irregular activities in the Site.


Our service is a platform for dynamic bets among registered users. The Site publishes bets created and administered by Betmul ("Betmul Bets") as well as bets created and administered by registered users ("User Bets"). Registered users and/or the Site may create bets on any topic and structure and share them in many ways. Every bet, regardless of its value, is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this User Agreement and the law.

The Site operates under a pari-mutuel bet system. The Site will publish the payouts of each bet's prospective result. The payout is the net representation of the multiple the user would receive on their original bet in case the prospective result to which the bet was made wins. The payouts published in different bets may fluctuate constantly and serve merely as a reference. Betmul does not make any representation or guarantee with respect to the payout that will be paid to the winning result of a bet. The payout is fixed upon the bet's close time, which is when further betting is no longer allowed.

Our service contains as a mandatory and integral component a multilevel referral program. Each registered user will receive commissions for up to two linkage levels down; in other words, for up to the referred users referred by their referees. When filling the registration form, users specify the name and username of the registered user who referred them to the Site. If registration is completed successfully, the new user will be linked to the refereeing registered user. The newly registered user can in turn refer other users, earning several commissions for them and the user that in turn referred them. The multilevel linkage establishes several unidirectional commissions from the referred user to one or two referred users and/or the Site. In cases where a registering user does not specify a referring user, it will be presumed the referring user was the Site and a link will be established to them. Commissions will be channeled only if the account is not suspended nor closed.

The Site deducts a commission on wagered amounts for the creator of a bet, being the creator the Site or a registered user. You may consult the commissions charged by the Site and how they are channeled by contacting our Customer Service Department. Any type of information provided by our agents is merely as a recommendation and advice. Our agents' recommendations may never contradict Betmul's policies, Activity Rules, User Agreement and other terms and conditions. The commissions and they way they are channeled may change without notice and to Betmul's exclusive discretion, which the user explicitly accepts.

Betmul reserves the right to add funds to a specific result under its sole discretion. Betmul's employees may participate in any bet. Betmul will never artificially manipulate the payouts of prospective results nor withdraw funds from any bet other than applicable commissions.

If you are or accept to be a bet's creator or moderator, you automatically accept to be subject of a peer-to-peer review and score system by registered users that are participating or have participated in bets. You waive Betmul of any and all responsibility resulting of the consequences such review and score system may have on your reputation in the Site and outside of it. Likewise, you release Betmul of responsibility for reputational, psychological or moral damage resulting from your use of the Site. We reserve the right to delete or edit inadequate or unnecessary comments and scores at Betmul's sole discretion.


While using our service, it is strictly forbidden to anyone, being a registered user, visitor or other to:

  • - Breach the terms and conditions of this User Agreement or Betmul's policies; or
  • - To undertake betting activities with the intent or effect to threat the integrity of any individual or the Site; or
  • - Infringe or attempting to infringe other user's privacy, including but not limited to unduly researching the identity or activity of any registered user with whom you've bet against or is linked to you in the multilevel referral matrix; or
  • - Take any action to artificially manipulate the review and scoring system.

You must take notice some registered users may use automated internet programs (known also as Internet bots) to engage in betting activities. Those programs may be in use in the Site without your knowledge. Betmul reserves the right at its sole discretion to limit or suppress the use of such programs at its sole discretion.


Many websites may link their own materials to the site, or vice versa. Moreover, the Site or other users may include informative links to other websites. Betmul has no control over the content of those sites and takes no responsibility on damage or losses you may incur for using, accessing or visiting the sites routed by the links posted in the Site.


Any any time and under any circumstance, Betmul, its providers, representatives, managers, directors, advisors, employees or subsidiaries will have any responsibility for losses or damages the user might incur for making bets, accessing the site or use it in any way. We will not be responsible for damages or losses caused by a hacking attack or malicious software that affects your computer, computing software, operating system or information due to your access to our Site, the use of our service o the download of any material from the Site or other site linked to it.

To the maximum extent allowed by current legislation and this User Agreement, its terms and conditions, Betmul, subsidiaries, providers, representatives, managers, directors, advisors, employees or related entities, are explicitly and permanently waived of responsibility for direct, indirect or resulting damage or loss incurred by any user or third-party in relation to their access to the Site, use of the materials or use of our service, including but not limited to responsibilities due to:

  • - Loss of income;
  • - Loss of business;
  • - Loss of profit or business opportunities;
  • - Loss of anticipated savings;
  • - Loss of information;
  • - Loss of reputation;
  • - Asset devaluation or depreciation;
  • - Loss of time; and
  • - Any other loss or damage, indistinctively of the way it originates or the effect it causes, including those originated from negligence.

The Site uses cookies and Active X components to, among others, fulfill these purposes:

  • - Identify the preferences of registered users;
  • - Analyze visits traffic and the interaction among the Site's users;
  • - Identify referring and referred users, in order to adequately process pertaining commissions.

Eliminate or alter the adjustments in these components may diminish the Site's functionality.

The use or manipulation of Betmul's source codes is strictly forbidden. Any indication of alteration from a user to obtain illegitimate advantages in the use our products and services will derive in the account's suspension and/or cancellation, which may include the temporary hold of funds or winnings as a result of such activities.

Betmul doesn't take liability for delays, interruption, server down-time or technological, political or social events that may derive in a temporary suspension of the services. Reimbursements for such motives may be processed at Betmul's exclusive discretion.


Betmul does not take responsibility for any damage or loss linked or in connection to the website betmul.net or its content; including, without limitation, delays, interruptions, losses or alternations in the operation or integrity of data, as well the inappropriate use of the site or content by any person or entity.

In the event of computing or communication mistakes in relation to the payouts or the transactions among users, Betmul won't be responsible to any user as a result of those mistakes. Betmul reserves the right to cancel any bet or transaction that is affected by a failure of the information technology systems.

Betmul does not take any responsibility derived from evident human, programming, writing or similar mistakes in relation to any product or information posted in the Site or the sites and applications of related third-parties.


Betmul reserves the right to reject or limit any bet and change its content under its sole discretion. In cases where a bet or a transaction is annulled, it is under Betmul's discretion to credit the user's account again, if applicable. Bets are valid only if they have been accepted by the server and are subject to this User Agreement. Any malfunctioning of the site or your terminal might annul a bet or transaction or impede it from executing correctly.


No user may allocate or transfer their rights and/or obligations under this User Agreement. Betmul may at any time and under its sole discretion assign or transfer any of its rights and/or obligations to any related company.


All offers and promotions are limited to one (1) per customer/user, unless explicitly stated. Betmul reserves the right to withdraw any offer to a client/user or group of clients/users at any time and whichever circumstance. Betmul reserves the right to request any user's identity before crediting bonuses, free bets, credits or offers to their account. All of Betmul's offers aim its users' recreation, and Betmul under its sole discretion may limit any user's eligibility to participate in any promotion.

All bonuses and offers may only be used to participate in public bets in which Betmul is the moderator, and in no case cashed out or transferred. The balance of such promotional offers expires 90 calendar days after the date they're first granted.


Betmul's Customer Service Deparment is available in case any user experiences difficulties. You may contact this Department by calling any of our listed phone numbers or contacting us by email to support@betmul.net. Any type of information provided by our agents is merely as a recommendation and advice. Our agents' recommendations may never contradict Betmul's policies, Activity Rules, User Agreement and other terms and conditions.

The available balance and transaction history may be visualized at any time. In case there is a dispute related to current or past transactions please contact the Customer Service Department.

If we cannot resolve the dispute, we will refer you to an adequate arbitrator, who's decision will be final in relation to the object of the bet and will be chosen depending on the pertaining jurisdiction. Any dispute in relation to the offer of games and the validity or development of this User Agreement will be resolved exclusively under the terms of Costa Rican law. In cases where judicial resources are necessary, Costa Rican courts will have exclusive jurisdiction.

betmul.net will try to resolve all disputes in an efficient and responsible manner. For more information on disputes please consult the "About Disputes" section in the Activity Rules.


Betmul is not a financial institution and does not act as a financial intermediary in any way. The deposits in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies made to the user's account may be handled by Betmul and will not generate any interest or premium. Betmul does not provide financial, tax, fiscal or legal advice to any of its users. Users who require advising are encouraged to contact with trusted counselors or local authorities in the matter regarding possible limitations to the use of the Site, its products, services and others related.


Bets can be addictive and they imply a risk. Betmul promotes responsible and licit gaming in the following ways:

  • Warning users that they must verify the laws of their country of nationality, residence, or other applicable, does not prohibit its citizens or residents the use of the type of sites, services, and/or products, such as the ones offered by Betmul in its Site.
  • Suspending the accounts of registered users under their petition for problem gambling.
  • A user may limit the maximum amount of money they may wager or lose in a period of time.

At any time a user may request Betmul to suspend their account due to problem gambling. The related account will be immediately suspended and will remain suspended for 90 days. If Betmul deems unfit the activation of a suspended account, it can be permanently closed at Betmul's discretion.


Activity Rules

  1. Betmul is a pari-mutuel betting portal among registered users, which allows them to create bets in any topic in a variety for formats and structures ("User Bets").
  2. The Site may also create bets on any topic in a variety of formats and structures ("Betmul Bets").
  3. At no point Betmul takes responsibility for the administration or creation of User Bets. Betmul's service is to serve as a platform through which a registered user creates a bet and defines its topic, the prospective results, and other rules and specific conditions. It is the bet creator's sole responsibility to create a clear and complete bet that persuades others to participate in them. The Site provides guidelines and recommendations through the bet creation process.
  4. All bets have a moderator. The moderator can be a registered user or the Site. By default, the creator of the bet is at the same time its moderator. The creator of the bet may request another registered user to serve as the bet's moderator. Such request may be accepted or rejected. If it is rejected, the creator may propose another registered user to become the bet's moderator. If it is accepted, the proposed registered user becomes the bet's moderator. The Site may as well accept or reject a moderation proposal. When a bet has been published the moderator cannot change. In all Betmul Bets, the Site is the moderator by default.
  5. User Bets' creators will comply Betmul's policies, the Activity Rules and User Agreement.
About the bets
  1. You never bet against Betmul. You bet against other registered users. Betmul may occasionally bet in one or more results of a bet as any other registered user, but will never manipulate the odds nor withdraw any bets once entered.
  2. Users are strictly forbidden to created, suggest or associate any bet placed about the Site and which involves Betmul's users or interface.
  3. As registered user, you accept the exclusive responsibility when creating or participating in a bet. Betmul does not confirm nor guarantees the validity, truth or precision of any bet's content, its resolution or any other information posted on the Site.
  4. You must have available funds to participate in a bet. If you do not have available funds, you may participate in free bets with Betmul just-for-play credits.
  5. A bet will be considered null if not finalized.
  6. You may place a bet in any prospective result. They shown payout is for informative purposes only and may fluctuate. The payout is fixed at the bet's closing time, which is when further betting is no longer allowed. If a placed bet is entered after the event relating to the bet has started, Betmul reserves the right to partially or totally annul them.
  7. At the bet's resolution, the amount wagered by all participants is split among that or those who wagered for the winning result. The pot is split among participants in the winning result in the same proportion of their bet in relation to the total amount wagered to the winning result.
  8. If there is no winning result of a Betmul Bet, remnants will be split among users. Such remnants may be less than the money initially wagered. You waive Betmul of responsibility for such cases.
  9. If there is no winning result of a User Bet, users will have to follow the dispute resolution methods explained in further detail in the clause "About disputes".
  10. If the integrity of the event related to a Betmul Bet is questioned, Betmul reserves the right to annul all bets relating to that event. Betmul will reimburse participants the wagered amounts that were entered into the bet minus applicable commissions.
  11. If the integrity of the event related to a User Bet is questioned, it is to the creator's, moderator's and participant's responsibility and discretion to reach a common understanding to resolve it.
  12. You declare you have neither insider knowledge nor privileged information regarding the outcome of the event related to the bets you participate in. If Betmul finds out you've had privileged information regarding the event's outcome, we reserve the right to annul all your bets.
  13. Betmul reserves the right to reject any bet at its sole discretion.
  14. You agree you are exclusively responsible for all information you provide when using our Site.
  15. You may not withdraw, change or cancel bets once they have been entered.
  16. We reserve the right to modify the time period in which the bet remains open and we may prematurely close any bet at any time and without notice or justification.
  17. Prior to entering the wager in a bet, all wagers are temporarily entered into an order book. In it, bets are placed on hold until the conditions to enter the bet(s) are fulfilled. If wagers can not be entered in the bet, wagered amounts will return to their holders' accounts with no commissions deducted. Commissions on wagered amounts that go to the multilevel matrix and the bet's creator are charged when the wager enters the bet.
  18. Betmul reserves the right to remove, suspend of delete User Bets which breach or may breach any applicable law, User Agreement or Betmul's principles, even if such laws and principles are not published in our Site.
  19. Betmul may, at its discretion, take action regarding bets, including but not limited to:
    • a. Cancel a bet;
    • b. Limit a user's right to create, edit, or participate in bets;
    • c. Modify the bet's closing and/or resolution date;
    • d. Edit a bet's content;
    • e. Suspend or close an account;
    • f. Modify the comments and reviews regarding a registered user.
  20. Betmul does not review the contents of the User Bets nor gets involved in the betting activity among users. All wagers are placed under sole risk and consideration of the register user that places them. Although our support team may occasionally aid in a bet's writing and setup process, or even serve as a bet's moderator, we do not grant any certification, implicit or explicit, about the nature or result of the bets, including:
    • a. The quality of the bets; or
    • b. The veracity or precision of results; or
    • c. The veracity or precision of any content posted by Betmul's registered users.
About the bet's creator
  1. It is the bet's creator responsibility to specify the rules and contents for User Bets. The required fields and suggestions are provided in the bet creation interface.
  2. Once published, the content, specifications, rules, prospective outcomes, resolution method and moderator cannot be modified.
  3. The creator will receive a commission as the bet is resolved, depending on the bet's resolution process.
  4. The creator might participate in bets created by them unless they are also the bet's moderator. An exception to this rule is detailed below, in the "About the moderator" section.
  5. The creator accepts to submit itself to a review and score process in which all bet's participants rate the creator's role under a set of criteria. That rating will update with the weighted scores of all reviewers and will be made public.
About the moderator
  1. The moderator is who decides the winning result (or outcomes) of a bet. The Site will notify the moderator when the must take action. The moderator picks a result that better adapts to the commonly agreed-upon conditions of the bet's participants.
  2. After the resolution date, the moderator must pick the result (our outcome) that better fits the specific bet.
  3. The moderator cannot participate in a bet unless the resolution method is by transfer, detailed below.
  4. The moderator accepts to submit itself to a review and score process in which all bet's participants rate the moderator's role under a set of criteria. That rating will update with the weighted scores of all reviewers and will be made public.
  5. If there is uncertainty relating to a bet or the bet's creator unwillingly omitted a rule materially relevant for the fair and efficient resolution of the bet, the moderator is authorized to execute its best judgment.
  6. Participant users agree to accept without recourse, reclamation or complaint the moderator's resolution.
  7. Betmul reserves the right to query the moderator's decision. If a moderator's action, to Betmul's sole discretion, is deemed unfair, biased, illegitimate or contrary to User Agreement, its terms and conditions, and other related regulations, we may:
    • a. Issue a warning to the moderator;
    • b. Remove or indefinitely suspend their moderating rights;
    • c. Freeze available funds in its account;
    • d. Withdraw funds that relate to illegitimate bets;
    • e. Suspend or close its account.
About the resolution methods
  1. Betmul reserves the right to take a final decision on any bet.
  2. There is one general resolution methods on Betmul. The resolution methods relate to the way the winning result (or outcome) is picked and how the consequent transfer of wagered amounts from losing participants to winning participants is performed:
    • a. Moderator decides: whoever performs as moderator, being this a registered user or Betmul, decides the winning result of a bet. The total available wagers are transferred to the registered users that have bet in favor of the winning result. All bets where Betmul is the moderator will be resolved and executed through this resolution method.
  3. All winnings of Betmul Bets will be transferred when the final result of a bet is confirmed.
  4. All winnings of User Bets may be transferred after the resolution date.
  5. All remnant values (those waiting to be credited to a result) after 360 days counted from the resolution date, will stay in Betmul's favor.
  6. The resolution method will be clearly stated in every bet. Once published, the bet's resolution method cannot change. Betmul does not accept any responsibility for the efficient, just or correct execution of any of the resolution methods or their suitability for the particular bet's dynamics and content.
  7. Betmul is not responsible for any dispute that may arise from the action or omission of any moderator or participant user, including the decisions taken by a registered user that performs as moderator or Betmul through one of its team members.
  8. Betmul will procure through reasonable means that bets are resolved swiftly; however, Betmul gives no security as to the time frame in which bets will be resolved.
About the multilevel referral matrix
  1. By registering, you irrevocably participate in Betmul's multilevel referral matrix, which you accept and understand in its integrity.
  2. The referral matrix allows you to refer and encourage individuals to register in the Site. If upon registration, those individuals indicate you referred them to the site then a permanent link is created between you and the new registered user. Such link serves to execute unidirectional transfers, from referred registered user to referee registered user, which correspond to the commission to the multilevel referral matrix. You earn commissions, in varying percentages and proportions, for up to the registered users referred by the registered users you refer. Registered users referred by you are considered to be first degree referral links, while the referred users referred by them are considered your second degree referral links.
  3. You understand and agree that all commissions are calculated and executed due to the activity the registered users conduct on the Site; particularly, they are calculated based on the money they wager and the money they earn after winning particular bets.
  4. You agree to share the information on the commissions you generate to users linked to you as their first and second degree referral links. You understand that that and other information may give an approximate estimate of your betting activity and that such spreading does not breach Betmul's Privacy Policy.
  5. You may visualize, at any time, which registered users are linked to you on a first and second degree referral links basis. Furthermore, you may visualize which registered user you are linked to on a first degree referral basis.
  6. Betmul does not take responsibility if a user you invited to register for the Site and thus link to you fills the registration form incorrectly and thus doesn't establish a link with you.
  7. You are exclusively responsible for the invitations you direct to third parties, being these registered users or not. Invitations to participate in any of the services provided by the Site or a particular bet must always be directed towards individuals who are at least 18 years old and legally capable under applicable law. Betmul is not responsible for the correct or incorrect use a user gives to the invitations interface.
  8. You may consult the commissions the Site deducts and how they are channeled by contacting our Customer Service Department. Any type of information provided by our agents is merely as a recommendation and advice. Our agents' recommendations may never contradict Betmul's policies, Activity Rules, User Agreement and other terms and conditions. The commissions and they way they are channeled may change without notice and to Betmul's exclusive discretion, which the user explicitly accepts.
About the order book
  1. All bets carry a computerized order book. The object of the order book is to enter a wager into a bet only if the individual wagers comply all of Betmul's policies and requisites. The order book is a transactional record of all wagers placed in a particular bet. When making a wager, it is temporarily placed in the order book. Wagers in the order book are not definitely entered in the bet, but are placed on temporary hold. When the entered bet finds a fit counter-bet, all eligible wagers are automatically filled.
  2. You understand and agree that making a wager constitutes an irrevocable binding compromise. No wager can be withdrew, revoked or denounced once entered into the order book and/or definitively into the bet.
  3. Wagering, and this placing your wager into the order book, does not constitute a warrant to enter the desired bet.
  4. All individual wagers will be placed in hold until they can be definitely entered into the bet or the bet's closing time, whichever happens first.
  5. Wagers in the order book do not originate commissions of any kind. If your individual wager is not filled (or entered into the bet) until the bet's closing time, suspension or termination, you will be refunded the pending wager. Likewise, in the case of your account's cancellation or suspension, you will be refunded any values pending in the order book.
  6. To learn about Betmul's requisites and policies regarding the order book's working, please contact our Customer Service Department. Any type of information provided by our agents is merely as a recommendation and advice. Our agents' recommendations may never contradict Betmul's policies, Activity Rules, User Agreement and other terms and conditions. The commissions and they way they are channeled may change without notice and to Betmul's exclusive discretion, which the user explicitly accepts.
About disputes
  1. You accept to refrain from presenting any action, judicial or extra-judicial, against Betmul, its related companies, subsidiaries, representatives, managers, directors, advisors or employees for any dispute that emerges between you and another registered user in relation to User Bets. Furthermore, you agree to accept unconditionally and without remorse the decisions that as moderator takes Betmul or any other registered user.
  2. In the event you have a dispute with another registered user you agree to indemnify and free us of all reclamations, loses, costs (including legal and professional) and damages (either by action and/or consequence) of any kind or nature, which shall emerge in relation to these disputes.
  3. You have the right to dispute a bet. If the bet was resolved by Betmul, please contact us to examine your approach carefully.
  4. You have the right to propose any bet as "impossible to resolve" under the following bet conditions and general guidelines:
    • a. If the resolution method is moderator decides, then the moderator may, under its sole discretion, declare the bet as "impossible to resolve". In that case, all remaining wagers will be returned to the bet's participants minus incurred and transferred commissions.
    • b. If the resolution method is by transfer or 60%/100%, then you need unanimous acceptation from all participants to declare the bet as "impossible to resolve". In that case, all remaining wagers will be returned to the bet's participants minus incurred and transferred commissions.
  5. All remnant wagers (those waiting credit to a proposed result) after a period of 360 days from the bet's resolution date will stay in Betmul's favor.
General conditions for all Betmul promotions:
  • Whatever amount of money is given as prize, bonus, or gift from Betmul to its users must be wagered at least 10 times in Betmul moderated bets before they can be withdrawn.
  • Users must have made deposits for twice the total amount given in promotional offers.
  • Some promotional offers may apply to some deposit and withdraw methods only, as stated in the promotional materials.
  • Maximum bonus amounts per verified user will apply.

It is strictly forbidden the copy, duplication or reproduction, partial or total, of this User Agreement for commercial ends. This document is of exclusive use for Betmul users. All rights reserved.

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